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Our chrome extensions monetization solution is perfect to enhance the search capability of your chrome extension to a constant money feature.


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Are you interested in generating the highest possible revenue with your your Chrome Extensions? Our chrome extensions monetization solutions allow you to enhance the search capability of your chrome extension.

Why Monetize the search feed only? Online users still prefer and trust search engine results over digital advertising to find a product or information. If you can provide a rich, filtered, and premium search experience to your customers, they will always use and trust your chrome extension to search for any keyword.


We modify search settings in your chrome extension.


If a user install and open your chrome extension, they will use your search feature to type any keyword .


The search settings of integrated in the search feature of your chrome extension will redirect the user query to a premium, filtered and sorted paid Yahoo feed. Unlike normal search feed, all the search results are sorted as per user behavior (User mostly click on these links out of other links in a normal search result feed).


User will click on any link to find a product or search for information.


The real-time analytic panel will show the statistics of the number of clicks and the revenue/profit generated accordingly .


The home page, default search, and new tab of user’s browser will also feature the same smart settings now. So, whenever they search, they will see paid Yahoo Feed. Hence, you can make money with chrome extensions constantly!

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BrowserTech is professional and innovative search monetization service which can monetize your browser extensions with search feature capability google chrome, firefox, opera and edge plugins

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